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About Our International Market

Not only will you find an incredible selection of grocery items of your favorite national & international brands, a huge variety of specialty produce & fresh meats, but also you can browse our Al-Hana Restaurant menu & pick up our delicious ready-to-serve meals. From whole roasted chicken, different kinds of kababs, beef & chicken shawarma, made-to-order different fillings of dough pies, to party trays & wide choices of baklava & sweets, freshly baked white & whole wheat Pita, Naan & Tannour Bread, to aisles filled with traditional spices, olives & oils, & thousands of groceries, our Mediterranean grocery store takes a pride in providing you with an exceptional service and quality farm-fresh products!

International Market

A Family Owned International Market

At Baiz Fresh Foods, we strive to maintain a long lasting relationship with our shoppers, & we hope you will enjoy your shopping experience with us as much as we enjoy the opportunity to serve you and your family. From the heart of our family Market to the heart of your family table, we promise to delight your senses & whet your appetite! Contact us today if you have any questions.