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Our butchers take pride in their knowledge and experience, and their rich selection of the freshest, highest quality meats. Our Beef, lamb & goat is grass-fed, hand-selected, hand-slaughtered & hand-trimmed & butchered the old-fashioned way. Come by our meat department to pick the piece of meat you want and get it deboned, cut & dressed to your choice at no additional charges. Try a classic T-Bone or a delicious Flat Iron Steak and turn a simple meal into a special one at a great deal!

With Baiz Fresh Foods, eating healthy does not have to be expensive anymore! Chicken is a classic, loved for its health benefits and versatility. Our hand-cut halal chicken has no added growth hormones, stimulants, chemical enhancers or sodium based solutions. It is always fresh, never frozen, & is trimmed just perfect to enrich your table dishes. Our friendly butchers won’t fail you in preparing you and your family a unique cut of meat.

Exceptional Service and Quality Farm-Fresh Products